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Hiya! I'm Bekki and this is my blog that Sir told me to write and I know I'm just going to adore keeping up to date.

I like boys and clothes and makeup and jewellery and celebs and gossip. I used to pretend like I was a grown up man but that was just a joke. 16 4 eva!

Email me at if u want to be friends or enemies or have anything to say to me or are a cute boy. I have to publish all emails sent to me but without names or addresses or stuff like that, unless people say not to.

i can also do mesaging and things at the saem adress or at wich is better.

Sir says that u can also email me to
1) Add stuff to my "rituals" list.
2) Give me one-off commands.
3) Add new rules.
4) Suggest new crushes.

i am sry abowt the speling wich is getting like werse i no but i dont hav enny choyce abowt it.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Rolemodel Candidate #3: Miley Cyrus

Name: Miley Cyrus.
Age: 18
Famous for: Singer and actrass and Hannah Montana.
Why I should be like her: shes sexy and classy and talented and she is seriosly famos. she dresses realy well and she is a fashion icon as well as a star. Her natral hair color is the same as mine.
Why I shouldnt be like her: How could I live up to that? Also she is still american and I am still not.

More Miley

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Rolemodel Candidate #2: Lucy Hale

Name: Lucy Hale.
Age: 22.
Ocup: Actres and singer.
Style: Sofisticated and fashionabel. Elegant. She wears dark colors alot becos she has dark hair and eyes.

Why i should be like her: she is very pretty and she dresses really well. she has lots of talennt and she haz been in many poplar shows.
Why i should not be like her: she is not as famos as some of the others and she is not in the news alot or date any1 super cute. She doesnt hav a very distin... uniq style.

Another picture of Lucy


Mr. Crow askd about my handriting practiss and so i am posting todayz. i am not vry good at it witch is why u havent seen it befor!!! LOL

<3 Bekki <3

Friday, 28 October 2011


u may have notised a degrdation in the speling on my blog resently. this is why!!
After the incident with the sign, I have been considering your general level of spelling and I find it unacceptable. From now on in your blogs and emails, please ensure that at least one word in eight, and half of all five-letter or longer words are spelled incorrectly. Exceptions to this are your name, "boys", "fashion" and "clothes", which you may use freely.
More punctuation, too, please. The exclamation mark is particularly useful.
this is vry hard!!!!!!!!

<3 Bekki <3

Magazine Report: Look 31st October

Cute boy on covr: no :(
Free gift: no :(

Look is a mag all abot fashion. it is full of pics of stars and of dresses and cute jewlry and stuff. here are some Bekki-relavent tips.

  • a full skirt creats curves with flared hem and clevr pleats!
  • skin primr hides pores and makes skin look flawles
  • this seasons colour is musterd. (not sure)
  • lots of cool ponytail looks.

Gossip: about cheryl cole and her secret boyf. chloe green is seeing aston merrygold.

Capricorn: u have tons of enyrgy to burn and it's not the gym you're intrested in as the flirt in u surfaces. use it 2 ur advantage.

Thursday, 27 October 2011


well voting went way qwi... more fast than i thought it would.

i said 5 votes and there have been 8 and so my current rolemodel is


She is so cool and so stylish! I dont think i could ever be that cool and sofisticated. i am watching intervues with her and her talking so i can act like her more. thank you all for voting and remember that you can keep voting if u want miley to remain my hero or want sumwon else!

<3 Bekki <3

Rolemodel Candidate #1: Courtney Stodden

Name: Courtney Stodden
Age: 17
Ocup... Job: singer and model and famos person.
Style: Kind of slutty. she almost always has big hoop earrings and shows a lot of cleavage. she has died blond hair and wears a lot of makeup.

Why i should be like her: she is trashy and i am sometimes trashy too and she has an older (51! thats older than rocks) hubbie and i hav an older Sir who tells me what to do.
Courtney (17) and Hubbie (nearly dead)

Why i shouldnt be like her: she is very american and i am not. shoud i be that trashy?

vote continues in poll on page! vote to change my rolemodel!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Reader Mail

well hello bekki, aren't we just the biggest little nancypants on two skinny legs? i must say, you're a good little fairy for your Master, however, what you should do is find a girl rolemodel to model your dumb little self after. a Selena, a Miley, a Lucy Hale, a Courtney Stodden (if those names are unfamiliar, you better get googling right away, precious! and to remind you, google is what you use to search for stuff on the internet). after all, how else are you going to know how to act and walk and talk?
That is sooo right! But sir says that he dosnt care which 1 i pick and that i should ask my blog. so i have made a little pole where u can all vote! when there are 5 votes i will choose the winner as my rollmodel but the poll will remain open and if the winner changes then they will become my model and if there is a tie then i will be confused.

vote early and often!

i shall make a post about each one ova the next few days with why they are gr8t and maybe not so gr8t!

<3 Bekki <3


Last nite i carried out Sir's punishment for missing a mag report
Me sorry

Closeup of sign

I didnt realise i was flashing my panties everywhere *so embarrassing* lol.

<3 Bekki <3

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


One of the things about the bra, panties and tights combination is that I never quite forget that I'm wearing them. The thong slides up between my butt cheeks. The tights press all over my legs. And the bra... I'm always aware of it. A constant light constriction around my chest. Every time I breathe I feel it. A reminder. The thought that follows: I am Bekki.

There's something secure and comforting about it. Like a strong boys arms wrapped around me. Escape is impossible... And rapidly becoming undesirable.

<3 Bekki <3

Monday, 24 October 2011

Magazine Report: Glamour November 2011

I think this mag is more grownup than Sir really wants but a girl has to dream and also there arent many teengirl magazines.

Free gift: None :(
Cute boy on cover: No, but it does say "Men Men Men!"
Key fashion tips: Snakeprint is in this winter!
Key weightloss tip: Cut down on foods that create insulin - replace sugar and refined carbs with fibre-packed carbs and protein, and get active. (I guess the Get In Shape, Girl diet plan is OK!)

Horoscope: I am likely to have to pick up the pieces of friends lives this month, and I will be especially charming at the end of it.

50 hottest men: Too many old guys, but RPat and Taylor at 1&2 sell it for me. Sorry Ash, Justin's only at 45.

Lots of cute fashion tips and retro makeup!


One of the things you should know about me is that I'm quite good at counting, particularly when the number I'm counting to is "one". You are required to post two magazine reports a week, and I only count one for last week. 
 As this is your first offence, I will be lenient. I want a picture of you in an outdoors space, dressed acceptably and holding an appropriately apologetic notice. Before Sunday. And the magazine reports I am owed.
<3 Bekki <3


Sunday, 23 October 2011


Oh no! ive run out of underwear! I dont have enough panties to cope with wearing them every day and im just about out. Emergency laundry is underway but I totally need to get more.

This wasnt a problem I thought id be having a couple of weeks ago. Now i have to decide what I should get.

do you think that these are cute enough to make up for the fact that they arent super skimpy?

Or should i stick to thongs?

<3 Bekki <3

Saturday, 22 October 2011

I don't know what I'm doing. I sat through all of the x-factor today. And I really did think that Frankie was cute. I found myself thinking "if I post about how cute Frankie is, maybe that will please him."

I don't know who he is. I'm sure he's someone I see often. Maybe a colleague. Maybe a "friend", maybe just someone who I pass in the street on a regular basis.

I don't know. I look around with suspicion. But I /know/ he's watching. And I know how much damage he could do to my life. So I try and please him. And maybe this post will displease him and I'll be in trouble. But I don't... No, I do care. I'm scared, and I hate him, but I'm also horny /all the time/ lately.

So I'll post this, because I guess I know that it'll please him to know the state he's got me in.

New Crush!

Ive been glued to the X-factor - which is like pop idol, right, and Frankie is just gorgeous!

the world is full of haters who say he cant sing, but I think theyre missing the point.

<3 Bekki <3

Friday, 21 October 2011

Magazine Report: Girl Talk! 19 Oct - 1 Nov

So, like, I struggled to find an appropriate mag that I hadnt already read? So I went with one that's a bit younger and one that's a bit older cos they'd average right?

This is the younger one.

Free gift: Cute folder, pad and pencils.

Stars: Capricorn You're a born TV presenter! (Well, most of that sentence is right!) I share a sign with Louis and Zayn from 1D!!!

There were 10 cool stars items, including a cute starry purse from New Look.
No real goss or news :(

<3 Bekki <3

Thursday, 20 October 2011


I am concerned about your weight. You need to slim down noticeably. Below find the "Get in Shape, Girl" diet. It will do for a start, until you find another diet in a magazine.
  1. Breakfast: Fruit only.
  2. Lunch: Salad. No meat, no dressing, no cheese, no mayonnaise.
  3. Dinner: You may eat what you wish, but when given the choice you should select no "Man" foods - no steak, pick chicken instead. It's not hard to work out the girliest choices on the menu.
  4. Snacks: Carrot sticks. Dried fruit. You may have small amounts of chocolate, but you should look guilty when you eat it, and only have a couple of bites. You may chew as much gum as you like.
  5. Drinks: Diet drinks, water. Occasional small white wine. No beer!
  6. Exercise: Three times a week. You may swim or run. No weights, no rowing. The idea is to lose weight, not gain muscle.
 That shouldn't be too hard for you. Please report on your weight weekly.
OMG. Thats like a full training program. And salads and fruit only?

<3 Bekki <3

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

One week... one week...

One week from the first email and I'm sitting in a meeting with the Chief Technical Officer of the company. I have a wad of bubblegum in my mouth, that I'm strenuously resisting the temptation to chew. My lips taste of strawberry from the chapstick that I've started using. I'm aware of the bra that's hugging my chest, and I'm pretty convinced my thong is riding up above the waistband of my trousers again.

How long is this dull meeting going to last? It's been like hours since I got to check the celeb news on my fone! It's so not fair. Pretending to be a grownup is sooo boring.

I'm losing. I'm really losing. I have to pick up another magazine to review tomorrow. Help?

<3 Bekki <3

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I have one of those feed thingies set up to read like blogs and celeb news and things? So that I can keep up like im supposed to?

And im like scanning down the headlines and i go
The Stone Roses Comeback? ... nah. dull.
young-apprentice: lord-alan-sugar-unveils-12-new-wannabes ... nah. business is like *yawn*

The-Big-Question-Do-Demi-Moore-and-Ashton-Kutcher-deserve-some-privacy? Well i think that's a good question! *read*
Elle Women in Hollywood Tribute event – the frocks ... all over it like Selena on Justin.

what is happening to me?

<3 Bekki <3

Monday, 17 October 2011


You should be settling nicely into your new life now. I approve of the way that you seek out crushes and have adapted your language. Now I will lay out the things that you will do on a regular basis.
  1. Shave, remove bodyhair - every day. All of it.
  2. Moisturise - twice daily morning and night.
  3. Brush your hair - 100 strokes a day.
  4. Check for celebrity news - daily.
  5. Apply a clear coat of nail polish - daily.
  6. Wear panties (clean), tights, bra, vest top - every day except with permission.
  7. Remove built up nail polish - once a week ONLY.
  8. Produce a page of handwriting - three times a week.
  9. Buy and report on a magazine - twice weekly.
You may accept suggestions to be added to this list from your readership. I may request proof of any item at any time. Place this list prominently on your blog.
That's so much! How am i sposed to keep up with all that? And more stuff to come!

<3 Bekki <3

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Magazine Report: Top of the Pops Oct 12

Free gift: Beauty uk nail art set. 4 polishes (3 diffrent pinks, 1 blue), 1 emery board, stick-on jewels.
Cover: gaga, but nice pics of  The Wanted <3, 1D and Aston.

Cool stuff: metallic glitter dips for nails. Hey, lil ash! Bie ber has a scent out, you should totally get it "someday".

Goss: JB has a snake! Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens have been seen cuddling up.

Feetures: The Wanted <3 love criminals. Gaga tips!

Trends: Bowtie blouses.Big stacks of bangles.

What's your flirt factor quiz: Do u always make eye contact when ur trying 2 flirt? Y!
Do u make sure u laugh at ur crushes jokes? Y!
Do u remember everything ur crush tells you? Y or bad things happen.
Have u ever asked a boy out? N.
Would u tell a rude joke if u thought it would make him laff? N.
Fab Flirt.

Stars: Capricorn. u should ask our ur crush. Some chance!

Mailbag #2


juss found ur blog and i think its SO funny, but a question?

Where r the movies? I mean mags are cool, but movies are better. When r u going to see the new Jacob Lauttner movie abducted? U know u have to.

Prolly should keep track of at least four of his outfits to make sure ur watchin close lol

the real thing

Dear reader,
It's Taylor Lautner. Dont u know anything?
He's cute. Not one of my faves, but cute. Look!
And yeah ill go see abducted and make notes. Thanks reader!

<3 Bekki <3

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Oooh. Top of the Pops magazine has a full nail design set as the free gift. And free posters of boys!

More when I've read it /all/.

Friday, 14 October 2011


It's been two days, Bekki. Tell me, how does it feel?

I expect another magazine report by the end of the weekend.


I'm scared. I cried myself to sleep last night. But I'm not sure if I'm more scared by the threats Sir made, or by how every time I say "I am Bekki" there's a bit inside me that leaps up for joy.

I didn't have to respond like that to my "concerned reader" - I'd already been looking at pictures of "The Wanted" and thinking how like cute they are.

Those "like"s seem to be dropping in unbidden.

I don't know if I cried because of Sir or because of that mean concerned reader.

I just don't know. My head is spinning and I don't know if that's because I'm falling or flying, scared or thrilled, happy or sad.

<3 Bekki <3

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mailbag #1


You do realize that all these celebrities you worship are fake right?  They're all photoshopped, and don't care about your fandom.  So put away all those fantasies about marrying the singing flavor of the month or whatever, because it's only a way to squeeze money out of your carefully manicured hands.

A concerned reader
That is just so not true. It's not not not.  Look at Jay from The Wanted:
He's totally 4 real and sooo cute. He wouldn't take advantage of me. But it's Max that makes me go all gooey inside.

He's kind of dangerous, but he has trustworthy hands. Look at this video of them. I could totally be the girl at 0:51-1:08. If I had smaller boobs and darker hair.

So thank you for your concern, reader. But I know that if I make myself pretty enough they totally will notice me.
Or one of the lads from 1D.
Or Frankie from the X-Factor.
Oh they're /all/ so dreamy.

Magazine Report: Shout Oct 12

Free gift: Catwalk Collection Glamour Eyes - False Lashes, mascara, eyeliner pencil, glitter stick, stick-on jewels.
Cover: No boys. jessie j with cute mouse ears.
Goss: Cher Lloyd has been slagging off Cheryl Cole about X factor.
1D have launched a new phone range.
Harry Styles has a crush on Frankie Sandford.
Trends: polka dots are IN on cute flippy dresses with mesh panels and on nails.
Checks are in too - matalan have a gorg flirty check miniskirt.
Stars: Capricorn: Show your best friend how much she means to you. Use eyeliner to create a retro look.
What I learned: hot mascara tips, and some hints on backcombing for volume.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

On waking up

Good morning, Bekki.
Were you thinking that yesterday was just a bad dream? Or did you wake up and think "I am Bekki"? 
On your way into work today, you should buy a copy of "Shout", "Mizz", "Teen Now" or other teen-girl appropriate magazine. You should select it based on the free gift or a cute boy on the cover. 
Read it cover-to-cover, then write a report on it. Get used to this.
 That's so cool! I'm sure I won't feel embarrassed buying one of those!

Will I?

<3 Bekki <3


Much better, Bekki.
Pink and hearts, that's my girl.
I want you to order the following things:

  1. For best: 

  2. For fun: 

  3. For always: 
That last item should be always around your right ankle. Ensure that they are delivered to your work as soon as possible. Every time that you disappoint me, a new rule will be imposed. This is your second rule.
I just can't wait until that darling anklet arrives and I get to wear it always!
<3 <3 <3


As I expected, you have created the blog. That is good. 
It is nowhere near acceptable, though. Understand this, Bekki. You are a young-acting sixteen-year-old girl. You will always be this, inside, no matter what you appear to the outside world. Your blog should look like that of a young-acting sixteen-year-old girl. Make it so, or else. You should always sound like a sixteen-year-old girl.
You should also explain very clearly what you are, so that no-one mistakes what is happening to you.
I have made a cute banner and a background and it's full of hearts and boys and all the other things I love and I hope that pleases sir and anyone who looks and I'm sorry if I offended.

The font is all nice and proper and curvy.

The old "about" text said:
This is a blog written by Bekki.
I've been commanded by a mysterious man who emailed me anonymously to create it. I don't know what else he has in mind for me, but I'm worried.
I just know the new one is better.
<3 <3 <3

Email from out of the blue.

Did you think you wouldn't get caught? Did you think you could parade yourself on those websites and nobody who knew you would ever see?
No. You don't get to know who I am. You can call me Sir. Not that you'll get to talk to me much. All you have to do is obey. Or your secret gets sent to everybody at that place you work, everybody that I know you know. All over facebook, google. Everywhere. 
You will signal your acceptance and submission to me by doing the following:

  1. Set up a blog. I notice you have been calling yourself "Rebekah". It's a nice name, but it's too grown up for you. Your name is Bekki. You will call yourself, in that secret place in your head, "Bekki". You can call the blog "Bekki's New Life" and put it at http://goodgirlbekki.blogspot.com.I'll be looking for it being set up. Once it's there, there's no turning back.
  2. You will post to it every day. You may miss up to three days a month, any more than that and you will be punished. Stop blogging for more than a week and your secret... isn't a secret any more. 
  3. Set up an email address and make sure it is prominent on the blog. You must respond to any email sent to you, no matter how filthy.
  4. Post every email I send to you to the blog. Commands, punishments... anything. You do not need to reply - I am not interested in what you have to say, just your publicly visible obedience.
  5. Add some friends. Girls like you, that kind of thing. I know you know what I mean.
I'm sure you'll be able to do all that. Or you know what the consequences are. 
Welcome to your new life, Bekki. 
 My name is Bekki, and this is my blog.