Welcome to Bekki's World

Hiya! I'm Bekki and this is my blog that Sir told me to write and I know I'm just going to adore keeping up to date.

I like boys and clothes and makeup and jewellery and celebs and gossip. I used to pretend like I was a grown up man but that was just a joke. 16 4 eva!

Email me at if u want to be friends or enemies or have anything to say to me or are a cute boy. I have to publish all emails sent to me but without names or addresses or stuff like that, unless people say not to.

i can also do mesaging and things at the saem adress or at wich is better.

Sir says that u can also email me to
1) Add stuff to my "rituals" list.
2) Give me one-off commands.
3) Add new rules.
4) Suggest new crushes.

i am sry abowt the speling wich is getting like werse i no but i dont hav enny choyce abowt it.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Mr. Crow sed: Also, I see that your old music is 'dull'. I hope you're extending the same sort of rule to other media - books, television and films!

He is soooo rite for exampel at the moment i am reding this book:

wich u can see here on amzon. it is totally gr8t becos it has cool girls in it who hav boyfs and parties and clothes and lots of things like that wich i like!!! and it is much better than all the boring books i usd 2 reed!!

Monday, 16 January 2012


i hav a new game to play wich is like soooo great lol! every week i have to get the new number 1 tune and make sure i can sing along to at leest 1 verse and 1 chorus by listening to it at least like 30 times!!!!

no 1 at the momnt is Jessie J and "domeno" wich is a totally gr8t tune tho not sung by a cute boy lol!!!!

also all my old music is "dull" so i cant listen to it anymoor and last.fm chex up on me!!!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Bekki's things

I have been considering changes for you. I want you to put together a kit that you will carry with you every day. It will contain everyday essentials for you. What I want from you is a list of what you think it should have in. I'm fascinated.
Soooo oh this is like sooo hard i can think of lots of things that i shud hav. Heer is like a list that I hav come up wiv but maybe there is more stuff i shud always carry?

  1. purse
  2. i.d.
  3. fone
  4. lipsil
  5. lip gloss
  6. keys
im sure thats not enuff and sir will totally be annoyed!