Welcome to Bekki's World

Hiya! I'm Bekki and this is my blog that Sir told me to write and I know I'm just going to adore keeping up to date.

I like boys and clothes and makeup and jewellery and celebs and gossip. I used to pretend like I was a grown up man but that was just a joke. 16 4 eva!

Email me at if u want to be friends or enemies or have anything to say to me or are a cute boy. I have to publish all emails sent to me but without names or addresses or stuff like that, unless people say not to.

i can also do mesaging and things at the saem adress or at wich is better.

Sir says that u can also email me to
1) Add stuff to my "rituals" list.
2) Give me one-off commands.
3) Add new rules.
4) Suggest new crushes.

i am sry abowt the speling wich is getting like werse i no but i dont hav enny choyce abowt it.

Saturday, 27 October 2012


sumthing wierd has happned 2 the poll but its prettie cleer that im gonna be dressin as a skoolgirl lol!!!!

so ill be in a cute blowse, short check skirt an white sox and maryjanes. mebbe with a blazer or sumthing like that.

but i need sumthing 2 do. soooo comment wiv an asignment 4 me an ill do it!!! lol!!! an ill put it in my The Wanted <3 Bekki bag!!! lol!!!!

Friday, 12 October 2012


so ive bin away doin boy stuff wich is sooo borin and ive been discussin thins with sir and hes changed the rooles a litle bit soo i dont hav 2 do lots n lots ov things wich is nice!!! lol!!!

i do hav to upd8 more tho! an i hav a punishmnt.

i hav 2 get an outfit an take photos of me innit. an also do a blog in whateva role it is.

sooo - skoolgirl
cat girl

Vote now!!! or suggest sumthing else!!

Monday, 2 July 2012


1 of the things that always like keeps striking me is the sent of my bodyspray. it is cute and pink and called "flirty" wich is about rite i think!!! it smells quite strong when its first on but then goes away xcept at odd moments when i just get a little hint of it. can be totally distrating when it happens in a meeting lol!!!!!!

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Hey peeple! It has bin a while but I hav had loads of stuff 2 do and other fings but I am back now and I am sure that thre will be sum kind ov punshmant 4 my being away!

The big fing that has changed is that the votin has ment that my new idol is Courtney Stodden!!! She is way sexyer and cooler than Miley who is sooo last year!! Here is a pitcher of Courtney!

she stands out sooo much!!! i have bought a pink boob tube liek the one in the following pick and a totally cute pink miniskirt 2 match it. Boy r sure 2 like this sooo much!!!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Bekki kit

i borght them both wich was like sooo clearly the best choyce lol!!!! sooo i hav the followin things 4 bekki kit that i am sposed to carry everywear:

  1. mobile fone
  2. keys (need gud keyring)
  3. purse with cash and cards
  4. condom (thanks mr. crow!!! *blush*)
  5. pantieliners
  6. spare panties
  7. tampon
  8. lip gloss
  9. lipsil (fruity flavor)
  10. gum
  11. bags 2 keep it in
thats qwite a lot of stuff to carry abowt with me all the time but im sure theres totally loads ive missed off!!! help me!!!

Friday, 3 February 2012

hard choyces

things are soooo hard sometimes and i dont quite know what 2 do!!!

i need a bag 2 put my things in do i get 1 of these wich is like sofistcated:

or do i get a personlized <3 The Wanted <3 bag wiv my name on it???

it has 2 fit inside other bags wich makes this very hard!!!! ihave totally been thinking abowt this for like days and days and days!!!

(ps i totally hate chloe and i dont even know who she is!!!!)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


cuming up with a name 4 my twiter acount is sooooo hard and these things r importent!!!