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Hiya! I'm Bekki and this is my blog that Sir told me to write and I know I'm just going to adore keeping up to date.

I like boys and clothes and makeup and jewellery and celebs and gossip. I used to pretend like I was a grown up man but that was just a joke. 16 4 eva!

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i am sry abowt the speling wich is getting like werse i no but i dont hav enny choyce abowt it.

Saturday, 27 October 2012


sumthing wierd has happned 2 the poll but its prettie cleer that im gonna be dressin as a skoolgirl lol!!!!

so ill be in a cute blowse, short check skirt an white sox and maryjanes. mebbe with a blazer or sumthing like that.

but i need sumthing 2 do. soooo comment wiv an asignment 4 me an ill do it!!! lol!!! an ill put it in my The Wanted <3 Bekki bag!!! lol!!!!


  1. Well the obvious would be a written assignment first. Something you can get totally wrong, littered with spelling errors and 'i's dotted with hearts. Next perhaps lines. Girls like you always end up in detention. It's almost inevitable given how focused you are on boys... and not much else. Finally, you'll probably end up in a bad situation with your uniform. Attempts to get away with a shorter skirt,a tighter blouse, a little more lip gloss and you just end up looking like a slut! Certainly a difficult reputation to deal with!

  2. Also, you might want to try high heels with you little girl dress. Very sexy for a little girl!